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Untitled for the moment: A kickthestickz love story. Part one

            Chris was wandering up and down the isles of the library, looking for a book, any book really. He had been having trouble in school with English, which is a bit ironic, considering he himself was English.  He squinted as he read off a couple of the books on the shelf. Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, none of it seemed interesting to Chris. He sighed, and started walking out of the isle when he heard a voice.

            “You know, skipping over John Green is a mistake,” the voice spoke. A green-eyed boy with curly, messy, brown hair walked closer to Chris. “To be fair, a couple of his books can be a dull starting off, but they’re still really good once they get going.” This mystery boy ran his hand across the spines of the books until he pulled out a book from the shelf. He held it in his hand, and then handed it to Chris.

            “Looking for Alaska.” Chris echoed the title of the book. He turned over the book, to find praise for the author’s other books. Chris looked back to the cover, seeing a candle that had just been blown out with smoke rising from the wick. “What’s it about?”

            The boy smiled this smile that just melted Chris’ insides. “It’s about a boy who starts going to a boarding school, and meets this girl. It’s really quite good.” The boy then turned back to the bookshelf to find his own book. He ran his hand across the spines of the books again, a practice that Chris found slightly annoying, yet adorable.  The boy pulled out a book, then said, “Well, best be on my way. See you ‘round.”

            “What’s your name?” Chris blurted.  He kept flipping the book in his hands, still feeling a bit of the warmth from his hands. “I’m Chris.”

            “Pj.” The boy replied. “If you want, we can meet up here some time.”

            “Yes. Yeah, sure, whatever.” Chris awkwardly replied, wishing he hadn’t accepted the offer so soon. Pj now probably thought that Chris was some weirdo who had no friends, which wasn’t far from the truth. He had been very antisocial in his years of classes, as no one liked someone who was different. He had ideas. Controversial ones. Ones that marked him as nothing more than a freak.

            “Okie dokie.” Pj grinned. “When do you want to meet up?” The boy bit his bottom lip, his top teeth barely showing as he awaited a response.

            “Uh, I’m not sure when I can come.” Chris lied, as he was to go to the library anyways. “How ‘bout I give you my number, so we can talk later?” Chris tried to not be too forward with all he was asking, but he didn’t want to lose the boy.  Pj nodded, and with this movement, Chris started rummaging through his backpack for a pen and piece of paper. When he found the needed utensils, he scribbled down the numerals in his phone number, and handed the paper to Pj. “Here.”

            “Thanks. See you soon.” The boy made a little waving motion and walked to the exit of the library.

            Chris smiled like an idiot to himself in the isle where he met Pj. He checked out the book, and when he got home, he announced that he had fallen in love with a boy he’d met at the library. His parent’s congratulated him, something most wouldn’t. He waited with this goofy grin on his face, not wanting the day to end.